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Torque Converter

Torque Converter?

It is a device situated between the Engine and the Transmission boxes: (it replaced the clutch used in manuals). The device transfers the engine’s power to the transmission and helps to keep the engine’s power output in the optimum range by multiplying the torque at low RPM.

Causes of a Faulty Torque Converter

  1. Damaged Converter Seals
  2. Damaged Clutch solenoid
  3. Degraded Clutch
  4. Faulty needle bearings

Signs of a faulty Torque Converter

  1. If your speedometer dancing / oscillating upon acceleration
  2. Unusual shuddering sound like vibrating drums
  3. Increased stall speed: High enough engine’s RPMs for the torque converter to transfer the engine’s power to the transmission is called stall speed: but the Converter cant to provide a seamless transfer of the engine’s rotational force into hydraulic pressure.


Replace the Torque Converter it’s cheaper than when the issue is extended to the Gearbox and Transfer box



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